NZFW beauty look: Eugenie

eugenie beauty nzfw

Calling all (older) millennials, it’s time to relive your late nineties teen dreams!

The Eugenie show harked back to our high school heyday – all long denim button-up skirts, cropped leather jackets and slogan tees. *Insert hallelujah emoji here.*

Kiekie Stanners, MAC Cosmetics’ senior artist, coined this beauty look “nineties cool girl with street style” and we love the individuality that came across in each models’ styling.

eugenie beauty nzfw

“These models are all personality girls; they all kind of have their own signature style and signature look, so we wanted to keep that idea of them being themselves,” explains Kiekie.

“It’s the same version of the makeup – beautiful creamy skin and then a kind of slightly off colour wrapping around the eyes. Some girls have got this kind of orange terracotta around the eyes, some have a mustard ochre. Some have this slate green grey and someone else has a yellow and a burgundy. So they’re all slightly different just to sort of tie into the colours of the collection and the amazing leather and boots.

eugenie beauty nzfw

“And they’re all super styled too. We wanted to keep them feeling like they were straight off the street – completely individualised, completely personal. Some have a completely different look than others as well, just to keep them [looking like] cool, new-age street girls.”

To top off the makeup, choppy mullet wigs in bright orange and jet black were a nod to the nineties luxe grunge aesthetic, with leather peaked caps popping up on occasion too. “You totally feel like it’s her own outfit that she’s put together herself,” adds Kiekie.

Photography: Olivia Hemus for MAC Cosmetics