NZFW beauty look: Salasai

salasai beauty nzfw

The beauty look for Salasai’s NZFW show took us on a trip to the dark side…

Kiekie Stanners, senior artist for MAC Cosmetics, says the inspiration behind the styling was “expensive goth; a Penny Dreadful kind of vibe with an Edwardian, mourning, haunting feel to it.”

Keen to know more? We’ll let Kiekie take it from here and explain the two beauty looks so you can dabble in some darkness of your own…

salasai beauty nzfw

“Most of the girls have this really graphic razor sharp black liner that sits just underneath the lower lash line and slightly wings out in the outer corner, and a completely matte, super clean face and highlights with matte powder,” she explains.

“Everything is shaped, but it’s not creamy or glossy, so almost just slightly haunting skin. And then a couple of the key girls have this great burgundy black lip, which is MAC Night Moth Lip Pencil with black Lip Mix over the top, and then clear Lipglass over the top of that. So again, totally bare super clean, slightly paler skin with this amazing lip.”

salasai beauty nzfw

The old English writing that decorated a select few of the models’ skin was a reference to the quotes and poems that inspired the Salasai AW17 collection. If you want to have a go at recreating the look at home you’ll need to arm yourself with a MAC Fluidline eyeliner pen in Retro Black – and maybe ease up on the coffee to ensure a steady hand!

Photography: Olivia Hemus for MAC Cosmetics