How to make your phone less distracting


Whether you simply need to focus or are after a digital detox.

It’s a fact of life. The flashing of a phone screen due to the number of notifications that occur on a daily basis can be incredibly distracting. It’s something we all experience on a day-to-day basis as social media or the numerous apps we’ve installed give regular updates on just about anything and everything.

But no matter how good it feels to be “plugged in”, it’s also important that we allow ourselves to switch off every now and then and take a break from our phones. They shouldn’t be an extension of our hands after all.

So how do we accomplish this when a simple flash of a screen can be oh-so-tempting, drawing us back into the digital world? In order to stop the distraction and allow ourselves a) the chance to focus on something other than our phones and b) take a mini digital detox, we’ve discovered how you can minimize the drawcard of your phone, whether it be an iPhone or an Android.

To find out how to make your phone less distracting, watch the clip below:

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Words: Ella Francis
Photos: Getty Images